The trinity of Human Rights, Earth Rights and Animal Rights – innately diverse and necessarily upheld for humanity, the animal kingdom, and the natural world to be afforded the intrinsic dignity, freedom, protection and empowerment –  fundamental rights – for the greatest potential of each, and that of Planet Earth as an interconnected and interdependent whole. 

  1. TRI-Rights is the triple bottom line from which the fundamental rights of all members of the earth community are upheld.
  2. TRI-Rights refers to the appropriately diverse rights deserved by humanity, animals, and the natural world –  the interconnected and interdependent parts of the living, breathing organism that is Mother Earth.
  3. TRI-Rights are the rights intrinsic to all aspects of the natural world, and the human world within it.
  4. TRI-Rights  – Human Rights, Animal Rights and Earth Rights – are humanity’s responsibility to uphold.


Human Rights

The freedoms and rights deserved by every person. Read more…

Earth Rights

The rights of nature to exist, regenerate and thrive. Read more…

Animal Rights

The rights of animals to live free from abuse, exploitation and unnecessary suffering. Read more…


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