FEAL’s Mission


FEAL is a not-for-profit TRI-Rights organisation addressing urgent Human Rights, Earth Rights and Animal Rights issues, and advancing Freedom, Empowerment and Love.


FEAL’s Vision is a world where people:

  • are free and empowered to live peacefully, content and fulfilled in alignment with their most authentic self and greatest potential
  • respect each other as individuals
  • understand that all of life on earth is interconnected, and humans are one part of the living, breathing organism that is Mother Earth
  • recognise, honour and protect the rights of animals
  • recognise, honour and protect the rights of nature


FEAL’s Commitment is to uphold, protect and advance:

  • the freedoms and rights deserved by every person
  • the rights of nature to exist, regenerate and thrive
  • the rights of all animals to live free from abuse, exploitation and unnecessary suffering


FEAL’s approach is peaceful activation through targeted campaigns and community projects, focussed on Freedom, Empowerment and Love.