FEAL’s Commitment


FEAL is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to 

individual wellbeing, community connection, 

basic human rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.



FEAL’s Vision is a world where people are empowered as Beings of Love to live fulfilled, content and peaceful in alignment with their most authentic self and greatest potential; a world where people understand that all of life on earth is interconnected and that humans are but one part of the living, breathing organism that is Mother Earth; a world where people honour the connections between us all, and our communities respect and value each of us as individuals; a world where all human rights are honoured and protected; a world where the rights of all members of the Earth community are honoured and protected; and a world where Mother Earth is respected, appreciated and cherished as our source of life on this planet.


FEAL’s Mission is to take direct action, in alignment with our Vision and the values inherent to it, to honour the freedom, empowerment and love deserved by:

all people as humans ‘equal in dignity in rights’

all other members of the earth community, as having rights inherent to themselves, to exist and flourish

Nature as our source of life on Earth


FEAL’s Commitment is to manifest our intention – to the absolute best of our ability – to bring about positive change in alignment with our Vision for humanity, all other members of the Earth Community, and our planet.