Lotus Yoga

Lotus Yoga is a community-outreach project to raise awareness about sexual peace and empowerment. Like a lotus through the mud that grows through the darkness into the light, Lotus Yoga is experienced in the dark, with only the instructor illuminated. It creates a safe space for personal journeying by calling on people to really feel. To connect with their bodies without observation or judgement. To feel safe in the dark. To feel safe in the dark with strangers. To release into the darkness everything that no longer serves them. And as a reminder that yoga (and life) is not about being perfect. It’s about showing up, being authentic, facing and accepting one’s darkest self, and coming into the light with a revitalised connection to self, humanity, and Life.

Lotus Yoga also raises awareness about issues of sexual violence. It shows the world that for many people – especially women – being safe in the dark is a luxury. Lotus Yoga offers a safe space to experience being in the dark – and with the option to disrobe – to feel vulnerable but also protected and liberated. By celebrating personal freedoms and boundaries, Lotus Yoga empowers people to be authentic and confident, and encourages empathy for others. You, the fully-clothed instructor then powerfully embody your role as the guiding light. 

Lotus Yoga advocates for basic human rights and creates spaces of safety, solidarity and support.

If you are a qualified yoga instructor with an appropriate studio space, and are interested in collaborating by holding a Lotus Yoga class, we welcome you to get in touch on connect@feal.org.au