The Open Source Community was created to empower people everywhere who are either healing their own cancer or supporting someone else on a healing journey. It grew from a solutions-focussed search for anything and everything to do with cancer. The findings revealed a chaotic world of a myriad techniques and beliefs… the loudest shouting that cancer cannot be cured, but many more sharing with gratitude and empathy different techniques that take a holistic and integrative approach to cancer-healing.

This fundamental belief – whether or not it is possible to heal cancer – is a basic understanding of The Open Source Community… cancer can be healed. That does not mean that it will be every time, but that the potential exists, and that more and more people are walking the path to full recovery. And it is a path – a healing journey for each aspect of your being – and you have to be there for every step of it.

Imagine hiking through a thick forest without a map or torch, completely lost, but with hope of finding a way through, and with trust that you are heading in the right direction. Along the way you get a clue that you are, but then you also face unexpected challenges that make you doubt your route. It is a forest of unknowns… you’ve heard stories of terrible things, but also of the most powerful magic. All you can do is surrender and allow yourself to be guided by your own intuition, and supported by a community who understands, at least in some way, what you may be going through, and who potentially has a key for your greater or ultimate healing.

The information shared in this group is presented only as a means of potential support along your healing journey. It is merely suggestions for you to consider for further research. It is offered with the energy of “anything is possible” and shared with the purpose of being of value in whatever way that it assists with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing from cancer. It neither offers a blanket-cure nor is to be taken as advice against that of your doctor or your chosen treatment route.

The Open Source Community was created from the determination of a daughter to help her mom heal cancer. And it continues to grow with the support of people around the world. People who are healing cancer. People who are just starting their healing journey and are feeling confused about how they got here and where to go next. People who are supporting someone along their path and are looking for advice. And people who believe in the benefits of an approach and would like to offer it as a potential key for someone else’s healing.

The Open Source Community stands up for Love over fear, and with gratitude for the kindness and consideration of people all around the world.