Environmental Protection – Suzette Collins

For Environmental Protection

CIGnificant Change Community Spokesperson & Outreach Coordinator (Australia)

Suzette is at her best when she is in the natural environment. She was raised in a family who loves to be outdoors, and early in life was made aware of the impact that humans have on this planet. Her vocation is her family, community and volunteering. As the Spokesperson and Outreach Coordinator for CIGnificant Change – FEAL’s ocean protection campaign – Suzette is directly tackling the most littered item in the world – cigarette butts – and the severe repercussions for our environment.
Suzette is also active in Humpbacks and Highrises – a Gold Coast-based organisation that monitors the movements, health and wellbeing of humpback whales.
In the past she has worked with infants, primary and high school children, and adults, specialising in behavioural and special needs.
Suzette believes that we must coexist respectfully and harmoniously with each other and the environment in order for us to be truly happy.


What’s your personal motto?

Nature has many of our answers.

What do you want to change in the world?

The way our environment, water, animals and humans are being treated. Also, attitudes towards the value of money and success.

What are your thoughts on…

Cigarette Butts

Habits of the disposal of cigarette butts need to change through education, and local and federal government participation.

Single-Use Plastics

We need to limit our plastic use, favour companies and organisations that are using alternatives, recycle and re-use if possible.

The Women’s Rights Movement

I want to acknowledge the women and men who have fought for the rights of women. I am saddened that there are so many women and girls who still have not been given a voice or basic equality.

LGBTQI+ Rights Movement

I see all people as one, with our own individual identities.

So we have women’s rights, rights for the LGBTQI+ community, what about men’s rights?

Men’s rights are equally important as women’s.

Sex-Positive Movement

It has to be healthier than the attitudes of the past.

Indigenous Wisdom

It should be be taught in schools, and leaders should refer to this wisdom when making decisions.

The body’s ability to heal

I’ve raised four children and my approach has always been holistic.