Environmental Protection – Suzette Collins

For Environmental Protection

CIGnificant Change Community Spokesperson & Outreach Coordinator (Australia)

Suzette is environmental scientist, passionate educator and activist, on a mission to inspire and encourage people to question their relationship with nature. Scott advocates for a transformation of governance, law, and culture to be based on Earth-Centred philosophies and principles with the hopes of creating a world which respects all members of the Earth Community. For the last few years Scott has gained traction presenting at schools, conferences and universities on a range of topics


What’s your personal motto?

“Think Global, Act Local.” (David Brower, Founder – Friends Of The Earth)

What do you want to change in the world?

To protect the voiceless yet crucial parts of this world – our wildlife and nature.

What are your thoughts on…

Cigarette Butts

They should be made biodegradable.

Single-Use Plastics

They should be replaced with multiple use, or truly plant-based, compostable alternatives.

The Women’s Rights Movement

The world needs a focus on women who still do not have access to education, sanitary products, healthcare, freedom from oppression, and the right to make all decisions about their own body.

LGBTQI+ Rights Movement

We need to strive for greater acceptance in society, through education.

So we have women’s rights, rights for the LGBTQI+ community, what about men’s rights? I think it’s less about rights, and more about expectations, the world needs to understand that it’s okay for men to cry, be vulnerable, seek help and not to be treated as ‘weak’ when doing so.

Sex-Positive Movement

Encouraging freedom.

Indigenous Wisdom

Something unfortunately missing from modern society.

The body’s ability to heal


“Follow your dreams and use your natural born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow.”