FEAL Advocates


FEAL Advocates are everyday superheroes. To the untrained eye they’re just your eclectic neighbour. To the status quo they may be the equivalent of your 6 A.M alarm… absolutely vital and undeniably beneficial, but something not everyone wants to hear. To FEAL, they’re the rainbow in the video, the anaesthetic at the dentist, the Uber driver who picks you up in the pouring rain and takes you through the plastic-free Drive Through before delivering you safely home.

They see a job that needs to be done, and they’re doing it – well. They’re passionate, practical, empathetic and are offering the mindset and heartspace equivalent of fresh, warm bread in place of the mouldy crusts that are still lingering around. They’re here for the good, and are brave through the bad. And they bring greater freedom, equality and love to a world that gets a bit confused about who deserves what rights, or how to live in a way that upholds Mother Nature as our source of life.

FEAL’s Advocates are solutions-orientated self-starters with transformative spirit, hearts for justice, and minds alive with the potential for a world of expanded consciousness.


Scott Wallace

For Animal Rights

Earth Justice